Vacation Time!! {austin photographer}

It is that time of year where I take some time off from not only enjoying everyone’s fabulous weddings and families but email, facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram, draw something……you get the idea–all things internet. I am super excited that we are going to do a bit of vacation/stay-cation this year. After enjoying a few days of water fun in Possum Kingdom we will settle back into life. Goals include; prepping for my daughter’s 6th birthday party and finally refinishing a desk that has been in my garage for over a year.

All that said—if you email and do not hear from us—know that we will love you and when we return to internet life on July 2nd. Our official vacation downtime is June 17th through July 2nd. Thank you for your support of Virtu Photography through this busy and wonderful year.

I leave you with shoes–bridal shoes–in purple. Don’t be afraid to let you personality go wild under that dress. If we have learned anything from Sex in the City let it be that shoes matter.

fun wedding shoes in purple

PUBLISHED {austin wedding photographer}

Okay! So, Virtu Photography is not published but recently a few weddings that I had the pleasure of second shooting were published. I want to give a huge shout out to Liz Baughier of Elizabeth Jayne Photography and Sherry Hammonds of Sherry Hammonds Photography!

I shot this fabulous wedding with Liz at the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs Mansion and since that time it has been featured on One Stylish Bride, The Lovely Find,  Two Bright Lights and The Wedding Wire Blog

Next up is a wedding I shot with Sherry at the Red Corral Ranch in Wimberley was featured on Project Wedding. The bride is a fabulous designer and added so many amazing details that really made their day special. Check out that wedding here.

wedding rings in moss

Thank you again ladies for inviting me along to shoot with you!! You are amazing and oh so talented!!


Yes, we have finally decided to come out on the internet and announce that we are totally addicted……to pinning. I can’t help it–I love weddings and I love styling them in my head or my pinterest board. If you have not heard of Pinterest–I give you permission to leave this post and head over there–then come back and request an invite and we will get y’all setup!

I have created several boards of things that I like and what photographs well so check them out!

Cake and Food
Wedding Attire
Wedding Posing Ideas

And because I could not leave you without an image–here is what I was lucky enough to work with this past weekend! Yes, the bride and groom rented this just for pictures–awesome.

Austin Wedding Photographer

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