My how they grow {Round Rock Family Photographer}

Funny story–I first met these two kids about 3 or 4 years ago when we were first deciding to move to Round Rock and while I have seen them a few times since, I was not prepared for tweens.  I had a memory of two little kiddos in my mind and instead I found a gorgeous young lady with a sparkling personality and a handsome young man with amazing eyes and curls that will surely cause some broken hearts in a few years. I felt a little old and came home to hug my own little girls a little tighter because I know in seconds flat they will be the be a bubbling 13 year old answering their phone during a photoshoot 🙂






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  1. Oh my, what you wrote made me a little teary because I feel the same way! They are gorgeous and have grown up so much, so fast!

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