All About Virtu Photography

The first question we usually get around here is what is Virtu and did you spell virtue wrong. Nope–we did not. Virtu means productions of art, artistic quality, and love of or taste for objects of art. That is how I view photography, which literally means “painting with light”. Our lives are a blank canvas that is just waiting to be filled with speckles of light, burst of colors so loud that you can hear the laughter. My job is to record all of that life, laughter, love–your cherished moments–captured in a single frame. Simple right?

All About Deb Robison

Short and simple–I am a moment junkie. I love, laugh and cry with the best of them. I am a woman, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a photographer. All of that combines to make me someone who cherishes life. I also love photographs–it never surprises me how much you can learn in a single photograph; the body language, the twinkle of an eye, the clothing–it tells a story.

Which is why after I captured my first wedding, I fell in love. I loved being a part of something so much larger than me. I love seeing the bride to be getting her make-up done and twisting her hands with sheer nerves. The bridesmaids all clamoring around with excitement for some remembering their day and for others dreaming of theirs. The guys hanging out trying hard to hide just how emotional and excited they are for their buddy finding the right girl. Parents who still see a little girl with missing teeth, pigtails and wedding day barbie asking if she can marry her daddy. Then that moment when the groom spots his bride–that look of pride on his face. That sigh of relief for both of them when they are announced husband and wife, the stress of planning is over. On to dinner, dancing and speeches. I have lost count the number of times I have started crying with the father of bride or burst out laughing when a grandpa busts out some moves on the dance floor. I see all of the moments and for each one, my camera clicks, like a typewriting pounding out your story for others to enjoy for all time. (Be sure to check out our blog to see our latest stories)

I have been happily married since 2004 now and I still go back to my look at my wedding images for some of my favorite images. Like the one below–the pride on my mom’s face, she has long since left this world, but in that image she is with me. Her smile, her hand fiercely gripping mine. I can still hear her telling me that the horrid Texas thunderstorm was good luck. You know what… was.