Boys will be boys {Austin Children’s Photographer}

As a mom of 2 girls, I do not get around boys that much so I was thrilled when I got to work with these two handsome guys! They are so fun to be around and really know how to relax and ham it up for the camera. We are a little behind in blogging–these were taken during our Spring Mini Session Sale which is why the beautiful flowers were still so vibrant.

Austin Children's Photographer

Austin Children's Photographer

Austin Children's Photographer



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  1. I still adore that first one where the boys are running. So cute! And you did such a good job editing out Spencer’s bloody eye! hahaha! My mom loved the pictures, so thank you very much for coming all the way down South to take them. I wonder how well behaved the boys would be if we did a session in the winter?… 😉

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